Dr. Puglisi is an amazing and skillful dentist and an amazing person. Going to the dentist to have work done on your teeth can be an extremely stressful experience. Dr. Puglisi's knowledge and professionalism when it comes to dentistry is second to none. I trust him completely, however, it is his bedside manner and his ability to make my experience in the chair so completely uneventful and pleasant that makes me in awe of his ability.
He is a true professional.

A Lanteri

Dr. Puglisi is professional, kind and caring. He holds his profession in high regard and gives his patients 100% of himself. He is truly an asset to our community!

M. Pfeifer

I am a tooth addict. I have been to many dentists throughout the years. Dr. Puglisi is by far the best dentist I have ever had. He has given me personal attention when I REALLY needed it. I have never had any pain and his staff ALWAYS give me the attention I deserve!!
Thank you, Dr. Puglisi

Katie V

Dr. Puglisi's passion for dentistry and compassion for his patients is second to none. I have seen many professionals over the years and Dr. Charles Puglisi is the most professional of them all. His abilities are endless. He is a true artist. Myself and and my family enjoy going to the dentist now.

Tony M.

I am 35 years old and was sure my teeth were unsaveable. I had neglected them for many years and was sure the few I had left would be lost and I would have dentures at 35. My mom insisted I see Dr. Puglisi. On my first visit to N.Y. he spent hours with me, fillings, root canals, crowns, cleaning, implants etc.... I returned to Florida with NO pain. 8 hours of dental work in one day and NO pain. I am a new man!! I now have shiny white teeth. I would never see another dentist again.. Thank you so much Dr. Puglisi!!!

Alder V.

Expert dentist.
Five star professional manner.
Concerned about his patients - "Excellent follow up".
An asset to the Professional Community of Merrick.
A visit to his office would represent first class representation of the Merrick community at large.
A personable, very knowledgeable man, one would not hesitate to recommend.